Lerma. A land of history, art and poetry

Great is the history and art treasured by the courteous and conventual village of Lerma.

When walking through its streets, the long shadow of the Duke of Lerma becomes clear, who at the beginning of the 17th century reconstructs the town, in his image and likeness, to create in it a small court from where to serve and entertain his king.

Its six cloistered convents, its collegiate church of San Pedro, the ducal palace, the main square, the viewpoint of the arches and the other monuments of the classicist court, bring us echoes of voices from the past and immerse us in the very heart of the History of Spain.  

In Lerma lived the vallisoletano poet José Zorrilla. “Catalina was called the young girl from Madrid who I fell in love with and who woke up in me the strongest feelings of the loves germinated in my youth,” said the man who was sent to Lerma by his father to dig vineyards and who ended up writing a masterpiece like Don Juan Tenorio.

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