Gumiel de Izán. A land of stone, monks and wine

Located in the area of the middle valley of the Duero, Gumiel de Izán was declared a royal town in 1326 by Alfonso XI the Avenger and its privileges confirmed by his son King Peter I the Cruel, in 1335.

Gumiel de Izán was completely walled with five access gates and had a tower or fortress with underground galleries. It is known that during the seventeenth century the dukes of Osuna hosted the kings in transit in a house that is still preserved on Calle Real.

The town also had two monasteries, San Lorenzo and San Pedro de Gumiel, this last important founding nucleus of the Cistercian order. The large wine farms belonged precisely to the monasteries and therefore this area is developed based on that crop. Centuries later, this valley would become the DO Ribera del Duero.

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