The Navarro Balbás family makes all their Lerma wines under the Arlanza Denomination of Origin. Their origins in Leiria and their love for their land have made them tireless promoters of this small Denomination of Origin until it was born in 2007. With their high quality wines, they want to convince the world of the importance of recovering our traditions and prevent the passage of time and abandonment to end with the production and processing heritage of their ancestors.

With a hot-summer humid continental climate with great thermal oscillations between day and night, its vineyards are located in this area characterized by its altitude (1000 m) and located in the middle and lower valley of the Arlanza River and its tributaries, until its confluence with the Pisuerga in the south-east of Palencia.

The soils are in general, deep, being differentiated in two types in each margin of the Arlanza river. On the left bank, alluvial soils, light and acid, called “gravel” abound. On the right margin the soils have an important limestone component, basic, with a higher content of clays and very stony surface horizons. This type of soil and altitude are two of the most important characteristics of this Denomination of Origin on the rise in our country.

The principal variety is Tempranillo, characteristic for its shape, for having a thick skin and giving full-bodied wines. Within the red varieties, the Mencía Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon are also allowed, as far as the white varieties the Viura and the Albillo are grown.

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